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What does the word "Yugen" mean?
Can I buy a scoby from Yugen?
What is or what does the Yugen Foundation?
Why should Yugen Kombucha be kept refrigerated at all times?
What water does Yugen use to brew its kombucha?
What is the lifespan of a bottle/can of Yugen Kombucha?
Why is there sometimes sediment in the bottle/can?
Is there any sugar in kombucha?
Does Yugen Kombucha contain caffeine?
Why drink kombucha?
What does Yugen mean when it says it is "craft brewed"?
What is kombucha?
Is Yugen available in bigger bottles and can we refill bottles on taps?
What's the ratio between kombucha and juice?
Which tea does Yugen use?
How is Yugen supporting sustainability and/or waste saving initiatives?
Why does Yugen use one-way bottles?
Are cans eco-friendly?
Why is Yugen Kombucha more expensive than regular sodas?
When is the tasting room open?
Is it possible to buy bottles/cans in the tasting room?
How can I, as a bar or restaurant owner, order Yugen for my location?
Does Yugen sponsor events?
Do you offer Yugen in kegs for bars?
Does Yugen organize tasting events?
Can Yugen be shipped through the mail?
What do you mean with "live cultures" and what are they?
I opened my bottle or can and it fizzed out on me. What happened?
Is Yugen Kombucha pasteurized (is it raw)?
Why did you choose cans as a packaging format?
What do I have to do with my empty bottles?
Why doesn't Yugen Kombucha have any scoby in the bottles/cans?
Is Yugen Kombucha vegan?
Is there a specific time to drink kombucha?
How does Yugen flavour its kombucha?
Is it ok to drink a can or bottle that has been out of the fridge for a few days/weeks?
Is every Yugen flavour made with the same scoby?
Can we use Yugen Kombucha as a starter?
What type of ginger does Yugen use?
Does Yugen Kombucha contain added sugars?
What are the key health benefits of Yugen Kombucha?
Is Yugen Kombucha gluten free, paleo, non-gmo, halal, low in sugar, low in calories, organic?
Is kombucha ok for people who suffer from irritable bowel syndrome?
Is kombucha ok for people who are sensitive to acids?
Is it ok for pregnant women to drink Yugen Kombucha?
Can I have too much kombucha?
What's the difference between Yugen and other brands?
Does Yugen Kombucha contain alcohol?
Can I make a Yugen cocktail with alcohol?
Is kombucha a fungus or a mushroom?
Why does Yugen have Nutriscore D?