Yugen kombucha, a fast growing kombucha brand, is looking for a full time hands-on Brand Activation Manager with the potential to grow into a national/international sales/brand position.

ABOUT YUGEN Yugen is a Belgian kombucha brand, known for its authentic kombucha and premium design. Kombucha is a fermented tea and is growing in popularity across the globe. Thanks to its digestive promoting and immunity-boosting qualities, it's considered a healthy and delicious alternative for sugary soft drinks or traditional alcoholic drinks.

Yugen kombucha is 'the real deal'. Founded in 2017, Yugen has grown from a couple of glass jars to a full-scale state-of-the-art brewery.
Each flavour is defined by the use of 4 powerful herbs, which work together to give you that extra kick. The herbs are mixed with 100% pure organic juice to create extraordinarily wild and inspiring flavours. Yugen kombucha is non-pasteurized, certified organic & low in calories.

The name 'Yugen' embodies our worldview. It is a Japanese concept that is used to express the overwhelming sense of wonder for the beauty of the natural world.
We're ambitious entrepreneurs, passionate about healthy drinks and a healthy lifestyle. We're open-minded, youth-oriented, creative and innovative. We aim for an open culture where individuals and differences are valued. We're convinced that being socially responsible is the one and only way to be successful. We produce eco-friendly and donate 2 cents per bottle/can to the Yugen Foundation focusing on developing social entrepreneurship.

Our values are:
Honesty - Embrace the truth about oneself and the world.
Transparency - Demonstrate openness and vulnerability.
Humility - Acknowledge own mistakes and commit to learning.
Integrity - Say what you think and do what you say.
Respectfulness - Honor the dignity, inclusion, and diversity of others.
Fairness - Do what is right based on common principles.
Responsibility - Make yourself accountable to the community.

In conclusion, you will be part of an innovative and fast-growing company in the beverage industry. As a trendsetter, Yugen has healthy high-quality products and constantly sets new standards in the business.
Yugen guarantees a mindblowing experience, an inspiring environment and a culture of excellence.

As Brand Activation Manager you will be responsible for activating the brand and sales in tra­ditional horeca, eventing, and retailers. To reach your goal, you will be supported by a junior brand activation team that you help build. You get the opportunity to develop your business development skills by approaching new and maintaining existing relationships with business owners in the channels you activate.

The Brand Activation Manager will:

  • develop brand activation initiatives (sampling, events, ...).
  • coordinate all the brand activation initiatives.
  • assist with building a junior brand activation team.
  • network with local influencers, event organizers and entrepreneurs to create awareness about Yugen and set-up possible interesting partnerships.

In order to further develop his or her business development skills, the Brand Activation Manager will be involved in:

  • contacting current customers to keep them posted on new developments, offers, and improvements.
  • generating new leads (Horeca, shops, retailers, yoga centers, ...) and connecting with its owners or representatives to present Yugen kombucha.

The Brand Activation Manager will also represent the company at sales / brand activation initiatives.

Please submit your resume and the reasons why you are the perfect Brand Activation Manager for Yugen to