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Yugen Kombucha is the result of a complementary team, working hard to achieve our common dream, improving the overall wellbeing of our customers by providing authentic healthy alternatives for traditional sodas. Meet the founders below.
Yannick — As a former high school Geography teacher, Yannick always had a profound interest in our planet and everything natural and pure. When Yannick is not hiking trails, climbing mountains or harvesting wild herbs, he's at work as our head brewer and sorcerer of scobies.

Chris — Chris is an entrepreneur pur sang. Chris is always striving to make a positive change in people's lives, either by giving big hugs, or by delivering a product or service that is just good. When Chris is not hunting mushrooms or cycling Flanders highest mountains, he's at work as our brand and project manager.

Peter — Every business needs structure and strategy. Peter is our solid foundation, his vast expertise in different management positions in bigger firms forms the backbone of our organization. When Peter is not doing triathlons or frolicking through Italian vineyards, he's at work as our financial and strategic manager.

The concept of yugen


Yugen collaborates with local illustrators to capture and visualize the Yugen essence. Their creations conceptualize how they interpret this Ancient Japanese concept. It’s their personal homage to the beauty of the natural world and the limitless creativity of the mind to capture the subtle details of life.

Check out their amazing artwork on our bottles and cans and learn more about their style, story and design in our blog.


Yugen Kombucha strives to make a long-lasting positive impact on the world.
We are not just a beverage brand. We are part of a culture shift towards a more healthy, sustainable and socially responsible society.

We only have one planet and we believe it's our responsibility to take good care of her and her inhabitants, just as she takes care of us. That's why we strive to make Yugen a 100% sustainable beverage brand.

From the start we wanted our young company to incorporate these important values. We care deeply about our ingredients, suppliers, partners and co-workers. Together as a team, we're able to broaden and deepen our positive impact.

Learn more about our values and commitment to sustainability in our blog.

Yugen Foundation

The Yugen Foundation is a non-profit fund founded by Yugen Kombucha to support social and sustainable projects. The Yugen Foundation is all about bringing ambitious and environmentally minded people together and creating a long lasting, impactful, and positive change in the world.

With every bottle sold we donate two cent to our Foundation. With these funds we want to do two things: support socially and environmentally engaged starters and promote a human centered approach on product, people and planet.
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