flavours - Pineapple Chili

Spicy Comfort
This killer combo of tantalizing pineapple, cold-pressed juicy cucumber and tongue paralyzing Korean hot chilies creates a lingering flavor wonderment that will burn your mouth but heal your belly.

Carriers: Available in 32,5cl bottles

Nutrition facts (100ml): Energy (64kj/15kcal) - Fat (0g) - Of which saturated (0g) - Carbohydrates (3,8g) - Of which sugars (3,8g) - Protein (0g)

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture, organic green & black tea, organic cane sugar, organic herbal infusion (lemongrass, lime zest), organic pineapple juice (4%), organic cucumber juice (4%), organic cold-pressed chili juice (1%).

Pineapple — Tropical fruit made out of fused individual berries. Embrace the prickly mouth sensation as it indicates the presence of lots of digestion stimulating enzymes.
Korean Chili — Put-gochu in Korean, is a green but devilish hot chili. Falsely accused of causing belly aches, the capsaicin in chilies actually prevents stomach ulcers.
Cucumber — Commonly mistaken for a vegetable, but cucumber is actually a fruit. This low-carb high-fiber melon flavored water gourd is an excellent digestive aid.
Lemongrass — An aromatic powerhouse of essential nutrients providing an array of health benefits. From insect repellent to stomach disorders, this tall grass can tackle it all.
Lime Zest — The skin of these tangy little sour-bombs is packed with vitamin C. To prevent scurvy during the 19th century, British sailors were issued a daily allowance of this native South-East Asian fruit.