blog - Peter Goes about the Pineapple Chili design

Peter Goes about the Pineapple Chili design

Yugen collaborates with local illustrators to capture and visualize the Yugen essence. Their creations conceptualize how they interpret this Ancient Japanese concept. It's their personal homage to the beauty of the natural world and the limitless creativity of the mind to capture the subtle details of life. Today we'll have a talk with Peter Goes, the illustrator behind the Pineapple Chili design.

Peter Goes photographed by Michiel Devijver (website)

Who is Peter Goes?

Peter Goes is a Belgian freelance illustrator and picture book maker. He studied animation at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts (KASK) in Ghent, Belgium. For Yugen, he illustrated the Pineapple Chili flavour.

Peter Goes studied film animation and then opted for the theatre world. In his seventeen years as a stage manager and technical director he hardly touched a pencil but did start drawing again in 1999. He now works as a freelance illustrator. His critically acclaimed picture books have been translated into twenty-five languages, and sold worldwide. Next to his books, Peter Goes likes to do commissioned work, from logo design to editorial illustration work.

Which artists and which subcultures have influenced his drawing style?

As a child, Peter was mainly influenced by European comics. Graphic novels were added at a later age. From Marc Sleen (Nero) to Lorenzo Mattotti (Dr Jekyll & Mr Hyde). From Franquin (Guust Flater) to Charles Burns (Black Hole). Too many to mention.

Peter has always admired the beautiful works of fellow artists. To his great joy and frustration, he has collected bookcases full of work by other artists. He admires all types of graphic art, from rock paintings to abstract art. Every day he is still influenced and inspired by nature, art and the people around him.

Which atmosphere and emotions characterize his drawings?

Peter unwinds when he can completely lose himself in an illustration. His attention to detail is hard to miss. He's meticulous is his work and digs deeper and deeper into a drawing. There is so much to discover in his work. Peter hopes to capture the interest of people while they gaze at his work. He tries hard to surprise himself as well.

“I always start at the foot of a huge mountain of work. Slowly I work my way to the top but not without falling down a couple of times. The final result is sometimes far from what I had in mind, but that makes it exciting.”

Viewers are therefore encouraged to explore Peter's work themselves. The atmosphere and generated emotions are different for every viewer.

What is the story behind the design?

His work always contains different layers and a play between positive and negative space. Thanks to the many details viewers can keep discovering new things in Goes's remarkable fantasy world. 

What does the future hold?

Peter is currently working on his next picture-book and we can't wait for its release.

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