blog - Yugen design glass by Peter Goes

Yugen design glass by Peter Goes

Behold, the Yugen glass is finally here! It’s bold, colourful, playful, in other words, it’s specifically designed for an optimal kombucha experience.

This translucent beauty is illustrated by the talented Peter Goes.

Peter Goes photographed by Michiel Devijver (website)

More about the designer in our blog article 'Animals upon Animals'.

And the best part is, it's FREE!

It comes with the unique gift box and it is available at our webshop. So hurry to order and grip it with your full fist or hold it with the pinky up high. Whatever you do, you will look fabulous doing so!


About Yugen
Yugen is a Belgian kombucha brand, known for their authentic kombucha and premium design. Yugen kombucha is "the real deal". Each flavour is defined by the use of 4 powerful herbs that work together to give you that extra kick. The herbs are blended with 100% pure organic juice to create extraordinarily wild and inspiring flavors. Yugen is unpasteurized, certified organic and low in calories.

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