flavours - Cherry Thyme

Glamorous Satisfaction
It's Cherry Thyme! A beautiful shade of pinkish red reveals a bombardment of voluptuous cherries and tart hibiscus flowers. This sacred powerhouse is a sensory delight with a fast pass to gastronomic bliss.

Carriers: Available in 32,5cl bottles

Nutrition facts (100ml): Energy (64kj/15kcal) - Fat (0g) - Of which saturated (0g) - Carbohydrates (3,8g) - Of which sugars (3,8g) - Protein (0g)

Ingredients: filtered water, kombucha culture, organic green & black tea, organic cane sugar, organic herbal infusion (thyme, hibiscus, tulsi, blood orange), organic cherry juice (4%).

Cherry — Little flavour bombs packed with antioxidants that counteract arthritis and inflammatory conditions and also the only natural source of melatonin.
Thyme — Resistance-enhancing herb that was once referred to as the "antibiotics of the poor".
Hibiscus — Tropical flower that originated out of Angola, with proven blood pressure regulating capabilities.
Tulsi — Holy Basil is a sacred plant for the Hindoes. The scented leaves are used to treat a wide variety of diseases.
Blood Orange — Citrus variety with high numbers of vitamin C and anthocyanins which give the fruit its typical deep red color.