blog - The best vegan hotspots in Belgium

The best vegan hotspots in Belgium

We collected 15 vegan hotspots in Belgium, here they all are!

#1 Greenway

The first restaurant that should be mentioned when it comes to veganism: Greenway of course! Greenway has been a pioneer in the vegetarian world since 1997, and today you can find the fully vegan restaurant in Antwerp, Ghent, Brussels and Leuven. Moreover, you can also find Greenway in the supermarket, with their full vegan product line in the Delhaize!

Greenway's founder - Paul Florizoone - first encountered vegetarian cuisine during an inspiring trip through India in 1996. There he discovered that vegetarian cuisine can be enormously delicious and varied. Paul's goal since then has always been to convince as many people as possible with delicious vegetarian dishes. And how he succeeded! The kebab wrap is sure to fool any meat lover...

#2 Lekker Gec

The "Seitan's joy in a roll" & a Grapefruit Hops kombucha

The second restaurant we visited is Lekker Gec. Lekker Gec is completely vegan and is located near the Sint-Pieters station in Ghent. So be sure to add the restaurant to your list if you're planning a city trip to Ghent, and stop by Yugen too of course ;-)

Lekker Gec not only offers organic and vegan meals, but also works with social employment. The mix of people and backgrounds you'll find there creates a very unique and warm atmosphere.

Lekker Gec offers its delicious plant-based meals in buffet form, and works with the concept of "Weigh what you eat", in order to reduce food waste. They also work with local suppliers and with Oxfam!

#3 Le Botaniste

The "Tibetan Mama" & a Ginger Lemon kombucha

Certainly also worth a visit is Le Botaniste! Le Botaniste is located in both Brussels and Ghent, and should you ever find yourself in New York, you can visit the food and wine bar there too!

The story of Le Botaniste begins in Ghent, where it is located in a reinvented 19th century pharmacy. Le Botaniste's mission is to offer pure meals that are good for your body and for the planet, and to do so in an inspiring and playful way.

Rediscover vegetables at Le Botaniste, here they are the star of every meal!

 #4 Hart Antwerp

Hart is a plant-based breakfast and brunch bar in the historic center of Antwerp and serves according to the seasons. The founders of Hart - Melissa and Mario - have roots in Spain, Chile and China and that becomes clear when you look at the menu. You can go to Hart for breakfast and lunch, vegan cheeses, and delicious homemade pastries.

Psst: You can also find a vegan recipe for banana bread on their website.

 #5 Liu Lin

Liu Lin is a Taiwan-inspired and 100% vegan street food bar located near the Marolles in Brussels, founded by the two sisters Liu and Lin. Both sisters share a passion for vegan food! Their mission is therefore to inspire as many people as possible with accessible and delicious vegan dishes. The sisters use local and organic ingredients in their restaurant, combined with authentic Taiwanese products.

#6 Blackbird Bruges

Blackbird is a cosy restaurant in the centre of Bruges where you can go for breakfast, brunch and lunch. The plant based breakfast and lunch bar always provides delicious and super nice dishes, whether it is a classic like toast 'scrambled eggs' or a super healthy açai bowl.


The beautiful interior alone is enough reason to visit YUST. YUST offers accommodation, events and degustation menus.

Sustainability and organic products are central to the Antwerp restaurant. The menu consists exclusively of fresh ingredients, adapts to the seasons and is inspired by all corners of the culinary world. Moreover, you can get both an omni and a full vegan menu, which are always in tune with each other.

#8 o'Yo

The 'Pink Panther Pancakes' & a Ginger Lemon kombucha

If you want to have breakfast in Ghent, o'Yo is not to be missed. O'Yo is a healthy breakfast, lunch and coffee bar with honest and tasty dishes.

Their motto is: "We bring good food with a good mood by good people". O'Yo is vegan friendly, works with pure seasonal products and focuses on healthy food. The restaurant also works with many fermented products that give you energy and make you happy!

 #9 Plant A Pizza

Plant A Pizza is a 100% plant-based and organic pizzeria in Ghent. The founder of Plant A Pizza - Victor - has always had a passion for Italian cuisine. After adopting a vegan lifestyle a few years back, he came up with the idea for Plant A Pizza. Authentic Italian pizza but 100% plant based!

#10 Buddy Buddy

BUDDY BUDDY is a high-end vegan coffee bar and 'Nut Butter Atelier' in Brussels, with a menu focused on playful nut butter based drinks and snacks.

The nut butters from Buddy Buddy are made entirely by hand in small quantities. To obtain the best taste and texture, each nut is ground to perfection immediately after roasting. The nut producers are carefully selected on the basis of their geographical location, sustainable organic production and the highest possible quality.

#11 Alfalfa

Be sure to stop by Alfalfa when you visit Leuven! Alfalfa serves breakfast, lunch and dinner and is both vegan and gluten-free friendly. Alfalfa's speciality is falafel but they have many other beautiful dishes as well, such as vegan risotto and beetroot tartare.

The red beet tartare

#12 Knol&Kool

The BLTE, toast ricotta & a Cherry Thyme kombucha

Be sure to visit Knol&Kool if you want to discover unique vegan flavours. You will find Knol&Kool in the middle of BEO supermarket in Ghent. The breakfast and lunch spot offers 100% plant-based comfort food. On their menu you'll find everything from French toast to lasagna, all with a vegan twist. They also have changing pastries at the counter, and delicious coffee ;-)

Make sure to check out the knol&kool webshop as well, where you can find all sorts of vegan essentials!

#13 Lucifer Lives

Lucifer Lives is the coolest vegan place in all of Brussels! You can go there for plant based comfort food and delicious coffee. Lucifer Lives works with a changing weekly menu, so you can discover something new every week. Their decadent chocolate cake is definitely a Yugen favourite ;-)

#14 PEAS

Els and Davy have a mission. With PEAS, they want to show that plant-based food can be just as tasty as other food. The vegan cinnamon rolls shop in Hasselt is an integral part of the vegan landscape, and they will soon also open a shop in Antwerp!

#15 Bar Recyclart

You may already know the arts centre Recyclart, but did you know that the Brussels organisation also has a completely plant-based restaurant? Bar Recyclart is not only 100% vegan but also works with social employment. The bar and restaurant works with a changing seasonal menu and gives people who didn't get a chance at education and long-term jobseekers the chance to find a place elsewhere on the labour market after two years of tasting and working in their restaurant.

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