blog - 'The Panther' by Charles Degeyter

'The Panther' by Charles Degeyter
Aug 2, 2019

Yugen collaborates with local illustrators to capture and visualize the Yugen essence. Their creations conceptualize how they interpret this Ancient Japanese concept. It's their personal homage to the beauty of the natural world and the limitless creativity of the mind to capture the subtle details of life. 

In this ongoing series, we ask every illustrator the same questions, who are they, what is the story behind the design, and what holds the future. Let's dive deep into their minds and join them in their imaginary world of wonders.

Who is Charles Degeyter?

Charles Degeyter is a Belgian illustrator with a focus on popular culture artwork making both personal work and illustrations for some of the world's leading rock bands. For Yugen he illustrated the Mango Turmeric flavor.

Charles has been drawing his entire life and always had a strong appreciation for fine arts. By means of distraction from his studies industrial design he went to a lot of concerts and got in contact with some venues that asked him to make concert posters because of his unique style.

What is the story behind the design?

The black panther holds a special meaning for Charles. It is a very powerful animal and yet it is extremely graceful. It has that perfect balance between light and darkness. Most people don’t know this but black panthers are actually a melanistic color variant of some Panthera species. This means they are very rare, and both this rarity and its extraordinary color adds up to its mystique, making it the perfect subject for a Yugen label.

What does the future hold?

Charles is now in the midst of starting Vitriol, a publishing company that will focus on creating artwork and collectibles for alternative movies. In his personal work he is digging deeper into the evolution of toys and the thin line and battle between the real and the fake. In the next years he would like to do gallery shows on a regular basis showcasing his personal creations.