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Yugen Kombucha is full of living microorganisms

Have you noticed that our kombucha is always refrigerated when you see it in the store or bar? Take a close look at our bottles and cans and you will see the text ''Keep Cool max 7 degrees'' and ''Always store cool (<7°C)''. There is a reason why we emphasize this a lot, let's tell you all about those living microorganisms in our kombucha.

Kombucha, a living drink

Kombucha is a natural tea drink, fermented with the help of billions of living microorganisms. These organisms are the key players in the formation of great kombucha. The yeast and bacteria cells transform the sugars in the sweetened tea into tart kombucha. In doing so, they produce an array of healthy acids and nutrients.*

Historically kombucha has been consumed raw, meaning unpasteurized. In comparison to regular sodas, kombucha doesn't need preservatives or pasteurization because the acids, which form during the fermentation process, prevent spoilage and protect the beverage from harmful bacteria and molds. 

The beneficial colonies, similar to yoghurt, kefir and sauerkraut, can help to bring the gut back into balance. Antioxidants, acids, enzymes, living bacteria and yeast can all contribute to help with ulcers, candida, and a variety of digestive issues.*

Together with the department of microbiology at the University of Ghent, Yugen researched the number of living cells in our kombucha. We found that every bottle or can contains as much as 3 billion living microorganisms. This is about half the amount of a bottle of the world-famous probiotic drinking yogurt. But instead of just one strain of bacteria, our kombucha contains at least 5 different kinds of microorganisms.

Keep it in the fridge

Because kombucha is fermented, some people tend to believe it is inherently preserved and shelf-stable. However, this is not the case, it is actually quite sensitive to temperature and needs constant refrigeration to maintain its flavour, quality, and live cultures.

When kombucha isn't kept refrigerated, several things happen. It will continue to ferment, creating more carbon dioxide and alcohol. Your once light and refreshing kombucha may explode when opened and have a strong vinegar taste. It will be ultra carbonated and highly acidic, killing off those beneficial bacteria and leaving you with a beverage that is anything but wonderful.

That's why authentic kombucha should always be stored refrigerated. Some brands create shelf-stable kombuchas by pasteurizing their product. This is convenient for storage and logistics. However we at Yugen believe in the benefits of this natural drink with living microorganisms and therefore go the extra mile to deliver a fresh beverage, teeming with beneficial life.

Mistakes happen

We understand that accidents happen. Not yet everyone is familiar with the concept of living beverages and storing those refrigerated. That's why we incorporated extra safety features into our packaging. 

If you inspect our bottles closely you will see that the screw cap has a tiny lid on the top. This lid will pop out as soon as the pressure inside the bottle reaches a critical point. This way we prevent further pressure build up and the risk of exploding bottles. 

If you see bottles with lids that are extra firm or cans which are hard to squeeze, there's a high probability that they have been out of the fridge for a couple of days. Put them in the fridge asap and be extra cautious when you open them. We suggest to open them above the sink and keep a towel at hand as it may spill over. 

Kombucha on the go

When you purchase kombucha from the grocery store, be sure to get it home and into your fridge as soon as possible. Treat it like a dairy, meat or seafood product. If your drive is a particularly long one (road trip, vacation,...) bring a cooler or insulated bag with you. Or do as we do and drink it along the way! Nothing better than sipping on your favourite booch while on the road. Cheers! 

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