blog - The best mocktails with Yugen Kombucha in it

The best mocktails with Yugen Kombucha in it

Alcohol free drinks are on the rise. More and more people are switching to alcohol free alternatives to beer, wine or other alcoholic drinks. Drinking less alcohol is simply healthier, so those who value a healthy lifestyle will automatically think about this as well. If you're one of the people who are interested in drinking less alcohol, we can help you out! Most people who switch to less alcohol are looking for non-alcoholic drinks with a complex flavour, a story behind the product, functionality, a good brand image and attractive packaging. At Yugen we strive to check off all those boxes. By adding fresh juice and four different kinds of herbs to each flavour, we strive for ultimate complexity.

In this blogpost we're gonna show you how to transform your Yugen kombucha into deliciously beautiful mocktails.

1 Apple Mint

Our Apple Mint kombucha consists of fresh apple juice and mint, but also rosemary, stinging nettle and elderflower. Just add a sprig of mint and the peel of an apple and you're set!

2 Cherry Thyme

Yugen's Cherry Thyme is definitely a favourite among mocktail lovers. The sweetness of the cherries is perfectly balanced out by adding thyme, hibiscus, tulsi and blood orange to the mix. Just add a sprig of thyme and a bunch of cherries or red berries to your Cherry Thyme kombucha in a beautiful glass for a delicious experience.

3 Ginger Lemon

Our Ginger Lemon kombucha packs a punch! The fresh and pungeant lemon and ginger are balanced out with the addition of marigold, elderberry and coriander seeds. Add some pieces of star anise and some dried slices of lemon or lime to experience the full awakening power this drink holds!

Alternatively, add a few slices of lemon and a whole bunch of kumquat for an even more bright and sunny flavour.

4 Mango Turmeric

Our Mango Turmeric kombucha is known for its abundance of soft mango juice and turmeric, but also contains lemon balm, chili pepper and corn flower. Finish off with a slice of sun-dried fig for a super relaxing and sunny mocktail.

5 Pineapple Chili

Yugens Pineapple Chili definitely packs a punch! The fresh pineapple and korean chili are accompanied by cucumber, lemongrass and lime zest. Add a slice of fresh pineapple and a few slices of chili for a refreshing and tantalizing mocktail.

6 Grapefruit Hops

Lastly, our grapefruit hops kombucha is in itself an ode to alcoholic drinks! The bitterness of the grapefruit and the citrusy and piney hops are accompanied by lemon grass, lemon zest and orange flower for the ultimate citrus delight! Just add some blackberries and a slice of dried grapefruit for the best experience!

Of course, you can also experiment yourself! You can find an overview of all the flavours in our permanent range here, so unleash your creativity! ;-)

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