blog - Together with Yugen towards more sustainability

Together with Yugen towards more sustainability

Yugen Kombucha strives to make a long-lasting positive impact on the world. We are not just a beverage brand. We are part of a culture shift towards a more sustainable and socially responsible society.

We only have one planet and we believe it's our responsibility to take good care of her and her inhabitants, just as she takes care of us. That's why we strive to make Yugen a 100% sustainable beverage brand.

Learn more about our commitment to sustainability through all of our initiatives below.


Yugen Kombucha is certified organic. This means that no artificial fertilizers, chemical pesticides and GMO's (genetically modified organisms) were used in the production of our ingredients. 

Organic farming originated in the 20th century in response to the industrialization of our food supplies. It's time to restore the damages of the past. Organic agriculture is the first step in that process. 

100% Natural

Everything we use is as nature intended it, from our tea to our fresh-pressed juices. We don't use any artificial or 'natural' aroma's, extracts, sweeteners, preservatives, colorants or other nonsense. Kombucha is a natural drink and we want to keep it that way. 

Socially Responsible

We work hard to build sustainable business relations with fair and organic tea and juice manufacturers. Personal relationships with farmers and producers will allow us to see for ourselves where the ingredients come from and how they are being produced. This is an ongoing process in which we continually strive to improve our impact. 

Toxic prevention

We only use non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products in our tasting room.


Our kombucha is 100% vegan. Only fresh, plant-based ingredients find their way in and out our door.


Yugen insists on only using glass and cans for our packaging. Bottles and cans are the most eco-friendly alternatives amongst all packaging solutions.

Contrary to general belief, cans are environmentally friendly. They are the most recycled beverage container in the world and can be endlessly recycled without loss of quality. Through a well-developed and efficient recycling infrastructure, they can appear as new in store in just 60 days. They are also highly stackable and lightweight so they are fuel-efficient to transport.

Glass bottles are 100 percent recyclable. Once you toss your glass bottle in the recycling bin, manufacturers can have it back on the shelves in a month. Using recycled glass when making new glass bottles reduces the manufacturer's carbon footprint. Because the glass is already melted down to the right consistency, the furnaces may run at lower temperatures.


We only use FSC-certified paper to package our bottles and cans and to print our information folders and business cards.


We brew a copious amount of tea. Instead of dumping it in the compost, we'd love to donate it to local organic farmers. The nitrogen-rich tea-leaves are an excellent feeding source for the soil. Do you know someone who could use our spend organic tea leaves, please contact us.

From the start we wanted our young company to incorporate these important values. We care deeply about our ingredients, suppliers, partners and co-workers. Together as a team, we're able to broaden and deepen our positive impact.

Let's change the world together!


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