blog - Yugen Kombucha believes in the power of herbs

Yugen Kombucha believes in the power of herbs

Yugen believes in plant power! Our kombucha is 100% vegan and 100% cruelty free. Only fresh, plant-based ingredients find their way in and out our door and we don’t use any culture medium based on animal gelatine to produce our kombucha.

Some additives and processes in the beverage industry are made with the use of animal products like casein, albumin, gelatin or isinglass. Yugen made sure that none of those are used in the production of our kombucha. Our kombucha and juices are not cleared or filtered and our growth medium is made out of soy instead of milk or meat-derived ingredients.

Furthermore, plants are at the core of our delicious kombucha. From tea leaves and organic sugar to pure juices and healing herbs; without plants, Yugen would not exist. And because nature is so kind to supply us with these beautiful ingredients, we don’t add any other BS. We just let the plants shine!

Take our ginger lemon flavour for example. We start with a blend of premium organic green Sencha and black Assam. This base pallet is then elevated by adding dried marigold, elderberry and coriander seed to the mix. This herbal tea blend is steeped in hot water for about 15 minutes so that all the different flavours, aromas and nutrients can dissolve. In the last step we add pure organic tangy lemon juice and pure pressed ginger juice to bump up the vitamin C and boost your energy levels.

While creating a recipe, Yugen always searches for functionality amongst complementary herbs and fruits. That way the overall potency is raised and true synergies arise. In the case of our lemon ginger flavour, we created a spicy herbal concoction with awakening powers that will fuel your inner fire. 

So let’s take a look at what each of the herbs have to offer. 

First off, ginger! Ginger is truly a holistic herb with many healing and supporting properties. 

Marigold in its turn, was honoured by ancient Egyptians for its alleged rejuvenating properties. 

Elderberry, also known as “apothecary of the people” or “tree of medicine”, has antiseptic and antiviral capabilities. 

And lastly, coriander is a digestion-promoting global herb, which was found in both the hanging gardens of Babylon and the towering Buddha of Bangkok. 

These herbs, fused together with the energy boost and the loads of vitamin C of our fresh lemon juice will wake you up in no time! 

... and beyond

We are on a mission to create meaningful products that promote a healthy and conscious lifestyle. Our efforts are ongoing and always improving. As a young company we try to set a good example by staying true to our mission. Providing a fully vegan product is just one of the ways in which we are aiming for a better future. 

We want to offer you the most inspiring healthy alternative to regular soda. We believe that healthy food forms the basis for a healthy body. Lucky for you, Yugen provides a healthy drink without compromises in the flavour department.

Yugen Kombucha strives to make a long-lasting positive impact on the world. We are not just a beverage brand. We are part of a culture shift towards a more environmentally sustainable and socially responsible society. 

We are constantly looking into new ways to make our product better, for our customers as well as for the planet. All of our ingredients are certified organic. Our packaging is up to 100% recyclable. We only use FSC-certified paper for our boxes and information leaflets. We also donate two cents per sold bottle or can to the Yugen Foundation. The Yugen Foundation is all about bringing ambitious and environmentally minded people together and creating a positive change in the world, by supporting socially and environmentally engaged start-ups and nonprofits.

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