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Is Yugen Kombucha safe for kids?

Drinking kombucha has many benefits for children. Kids love it, it teaches them to appreciate low-sugar foods and it takes the place of unhealthy choices such as regular soft drinks. The presence of living micro-organisms is another major benefit. It helps the good bacteria in our guts flourish and boosts the immune system, and a healthy gut makes for a healthy and happy child!

Despite the many benefits of Kombucha, there are two ingredients that may raise doubts when it comes to child safety.

Yugen Kombucha has an alcohol content of 0.3%. This is released during the fermentation process. All fermented products such as soy sauce, sauerkraut and kefir contain a small amount of alcohol. Because this amount is so low, there is no immediate danger. However, we do not recommend giving home-brewed kombucha to your child as the alcohol content is not regulated in home brewing. At Yugen, we conduct regular testing to keep the alcohol content at 0.3%.

The second ingredient that can raise questions is caffeine. Green and black tea based kombucha contains a small amount of caffeine, around 10mg/250ml, which is no more than a small piece (10g) of dark chocolate.

So unless your child is very sensitive or drinks large amounts of kombucha, they are unlikely to be affected by the alcohol or caffeine content. Of course, your child's diet is a family decision and your personal intuition will always be the best guide, so the decision on whether kombucha is right for your child is yours! If you would like to introduce kombucha to your children, we recommend starting with small portions and diluting the drink with water, especially for young children and toddlers.

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